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Short Stories

I have written multiple short stories that have been published in various literary journals. These are listed below, and when available, a View link to the online story is provided.

Published Online Short Stories

A Bar of Gold
Publication: South Jersey Underground, 2011, Issue 12
When a young woman befriends an elderly woman this affects her social life.
Publication: Crack the Spine Literary Magazine
A young teenager transforms herself during the time of her parents’ tumultuous marriage.
Publication: JuxtaProse
A woman has the challenge of living with her mentally ill mother.
My Mother’s Ashes
Publication: Smoky Blue Literature and Art Magazine
A woman who struggles with guilt after her difficult mother dies.
In the Mood
Publication: Five on the Fifth
An elderly woman listens to an orchestra playing Swing era music that brings her back to her past, when she loved a soldier during World War II.
In the Airport
Publication: The Manifest-Station
When a woman sees her former husband while waiting in an airport terminal this triggers painful memories.
The Dresser
Publication: The Opiate
Two sisters discover a photo in their deceased father’s dresser that shocks them.
Notes from Camp Chaparral
Publication: Minerva Rising Press's The Keeping Room Nov. 27, 2023
In this short story a young woman keeps “notes” of her challenging experience working in an overnight camp the summer her father died.

Published Hard Copy Short Stories

City of Brotherly Love
Publication: Mission at Tenth Vol 5 Summer 2014
After a woman finds a photograph of herself with an Egyptian family in Philadelphia taken in the 1970s, she reflects back to that time.
The Dog Whisperer
Publication: Descant, 2009, Vol. 48
A young woman helps a drug addicted man with his troubled dog.
Falling Leaves
Publication: Blue Moon Literary and Arts Review, Spring/Summer 2011
A young girl wishes her father would remarry but he dates a woman who doesn’t want to settle down.
Ballroom Dancing
Publication: Grey Sparrow Journal, Summer Issue, 2012
A single mother devotes her life to her children, but as the empty nest approaches, she seeks intimacy with a man by taking ballroom dancing lessons.
Climbing the Mountain
Publication: The Broadkill Review, Vol 6, Issue 3, 2012
A woman and her sister visit the northern coast of Oregon to find solace after the death of their brother.
The Graceful Willow
Publication: Red Rock Review Volume 36
A woman reunites twenty years later with a college friend, originally from Taiwan, and makes surprising discoveries about her friend.
Children’s Village
Publication: Poetica Magazine
A child living in a large apartment complex depends on the friendship of other children while her parents’ marriage falls apart.
Publication: Poetica Magazine
A woman reflects back to her childhood in the Catskill Mountains when her mother and another woman ended their friendship over an incident of racism.
The Brooch
Publication: Poydras Review
A woman tells her daughter the painful story about how she obtained a brooch.
The Beauty of Blank Space
Publication: The Literary Nest
A woman takes a local bus tour as a way to cope with her recent divorce and gains an important revelation.
My Friend Debbie
Publication: Pennsylvania Literary Journal Vol. XV, Issue 2, Summer 2023
A woman befriends a divorced woman who is desperately in pursuit of a husband.
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